I’m all about adventuring with my kiddos on the weekends. When we get out of the house, everyone is happier. So I’m always looking for interesting places to day trip in the Magic Valley. This fall, I got around to visiting Balanced Rock Idaho with my kids and it is a favorite so far! Over the years, the wind has carved it into looking like this:

Yep. That huge rock(48 feet wide) is literally balancing on 3 feet, 17 inches! Bizzare, right?! (It is popular to climb up right next to the rock and grab an amazing picture. But when you are exploring with three kiddos by yourself, and one is on your back, this is really as good as it gets.)

More Than a Fun Photo Op

The kids and I really enjoyed checking out the natural wonder. Honestly, we spent way more time here than I had anticipated. The real draw of the attraction, beyond blowing your mind, is that the area around Balanced Rock in Southern Idaho makes for a lot of exploring!

We spent about three hours rock-climbing and searching for caves. It offered the perfect amount of challenge for my toddlers. They were climbing up at a level I was comfortable with and easily able to follow.

Of course, the entire thing is set on a cliff of sorts. There were places where I didn’t let the little ones go. For example, in the picture above, Parker is waaay closer to the edge than I let the other two go.

Between trying to climb all. the. rocks. and finding little caves everywhere we looked, there was plenty to keep us busy. I couldn’t even get them to smile for the camera!

Parker was absolutely enthralled. He loved the fact that he could “scale” the rocks himself. He quite enjoyed the privilege of getting to explore closer to the edge.

Trips for Traveling to Balanced Rock with Kids

  • Bring water and snacks! After the trek up to Balanced Rock, we were already parched. Then add on a couple of hours of climbing and running. Sustenance is a good idea.
  • Visit in the Spring or Fall. I saved this destination for the Fall on a hunch that the summertime sun would make it miserable. I’m so glad I did! I’ve heard that Spring is even better because it’s not so…yellow. It was a bit windy, so hats are a good idea to protect little ears.
  • Leave before the kids are totally worn out. The trek back to the car was rough. Rough, I tell ya. If you have tiny ones, bring a baby backpack. Willow liked running around but she needed a break. I carried her up to the top and back down when we were leaving.

A Must See In Southern Idaho

Visiting Balanced Rock in Idaho was a really great day trip for my family. The kids talked about it for days, and Parker keeps telling me that we need to go back without his siblings so that we can get that iconic photo standing right next to the rock. If you are traveling to Southern Idaho and want to stop at a fun location on your road trip, this would be a great spot!

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