Here’s the cold hard truth: if you can’t be happy with what you already have, you will never find happiness. I know this sounds bizarre. As a goal setting dreamer, I should be telling you to go after everything that you want with a feverish passion. And I will, but not in this post. This post is all about gratitude and how to find happiness right where you are even if you are struggling. 

Gratitude: “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Here are three simple exercises to implement when learning how to be happy with what you have and practice gratitude every day. I truly believe that if you practice these, you will be able to switch from scarcity mode to abundance mode and manifest everything that you want with ease. It might feel difficult at first, but over time you will find yourself using these as rituals to help support your positive mindset and manifest your dreams without trying. 


Remember Where You Came From 

Everyone has a story. Every story has ups and downs. That is the beauty and misery of life. So, when you are struggling to fight the obstacles, I want you to take a minute to think back. Take a moment to remember what you have been through, the triumphs that you have had, and remind yourself that you are growing one step at a time. You are strong. You are capable, and the fight is always worth the reward. 

When I struggle, I try to remember my wins. Learning how to cover my grocery bill with coupons so that I could be a stay at home mom. Paying off my credit cards by freelancing in the middle of the night. Pushing through my depression to create memories with my family, and pushing myself to get uncomfortable every single time I thought that I couldn’t do something. 

Reminding yourself of the reason behind your actions will help you appreciate not only yourself and your own strength, but that everything that you are doing is for a reason. 

You never know when the storm will end, but give yourself credit for how far you have already come. Look around, and think about what you have that you didn’t before. That is gratitude at its core. 

Create a Gratitude Habit 

I want to urge you to create a gratitude habit so that you are reminding yourself of your wins far before you need to. Pick a time of day where you take a minute to look around and talk about what you are grateful for, start journaling, or create a routine that includes it with another person. 

In my home, we like to share three things that we are grateful for around the dinner table. At first, this feels really difficult. It is normal to struggle! Keep pushing through your resistance and over time you will move beyond the materialistic things and find yourself recognizing gratitude for people, feelings, events, and more. 

I love discussing gratitude as a family because it gives my kids the opportunity to practice, and they won’t have the learning curve that we do as adults. I am always surprised about what my kiddos say. The more that they are exposed to the idea of gratitude, the more abundant and appreciative they will be in their lives. 

Try Using Gratitude Rants 

My last tip to be happy with what you have focuses on flipping your perspective! Every single time you start to rant in your head or out loud(hello road rage!) pause and restart, but this time, rant about the things that you can be grateful for instead. 

Here’s an example:

“Argh! You totally just stole my parking spot and now I have to drive around looking for a new one in this insanely busy parking lot!”


Good thing I have plenty of gas and my favorite music is playing. Plus, I am going to be going shopping and buying items that my family needs with money that I am grateful to have.” 

The more that you do this, the easier it will get to focus on the positives. The more positive you are, the more your brain will learn how to be happy with what you have, the easier life will feel, and the more likely you are to attract what you want. Belief is a very powerful thing, and it all starts with gratitude for the small things.

Happiness is Created, Not Found 

Overall, I hope that you understand that happiness is a mindset. It isn’t a fancy car, or the perfect house. It isn’t a wage or a status. Happiness is an emotion that can be created or released, and it is up to you to teach your brain how to embrace it.

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