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Escape survival mode and start rocking motherhood! 


September 14-18, 2020 @ 2PM MST

How will this challenge change my life?


Learn which systems to focus on first to escape survival mode in your home so that you can get your life under control FAST, and create time for things that actually matter.

Hint: These are the only three chores that actually matter.


Set yourself up for success when it comes to actually getting things done, while being able to show up as the present mom you desire to be-

even if you have your kids 24/7 and are currently showing up as an angry mom 


Understand how to stop getting in your own way and start creating real change in your home so that your entire family can benefit, even if you don’t know where to start, have tried before, or feel like you’re fighting a losing battle

About Your Host

Hey, I’m Keri! 

I’m a Mama to three beautiful children. A few years ago I was really struggling as a stay at home mom, drowning in the hamster wheel that was my life. I felt desperate, trapped, and like my efforts to do basically everything were pointless.

Before I was a mom, life felt easy. But, with the influx of things, responsibilities, and, well, adulting, I found myself drudging through my days and wishing my time away.  I just knew that there had to be more to motherhood than this never-ending struggle, so I started looking for ways to make my life more efficient.

It became my mission to empower myself with home systems and time management solutions so that I might have more time to enjoy my days and create the life I so desperately desired.

Every step I made to improve my life took me one step closer to that feeling of fulfillment that I had been dreaming of. When I became happier, so did my kids. It turns out that it is a lot easier to escape being an angry mom when you aren’t stressed out. Who knew?! My family started connecting and bonding in a way that still makes me giddy.  

Now, I can proudly say that I am a content manager, life coach, and certified belief clearing practitioner. I work from home while raising my kiddos and helping other mothers create a life that they cannot wait to wake up to. 

I want to help you, too! Your kids deserve a happy and fulfilled Mama, and getting on top of your outer world is the first step to inner peace. 

Come spend five days with me, and experience massive growth! 

Keri’s method works! After becoming a mom, I struggled to find time to paint. Then I started implementing Keri’s time management advice, and now I am selling my art! It is great to be a present mom and still be able to spend time on my business. Thank you Keri!

Kayla, mom to one

Kids deserve happy, healthy and whole parents and that is what you get to become when you work with Keri! She has such a beautiful heart and will do whatever it takes to help you become successful. Keri knows how to skip the b.s. and figure out exactly where to focus to get you results. 

Cougar, mom to two

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